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10 Amazing Hairstyles Perfect for Summer 2019

girl turning into sun
girl turning into sun

Summer is here! If you’re not ready yet, it’s time to learn how to create amazing hairstyles which will fit you anytime this summer. Ponytail, messy bun or using accessories, there are full of ideas to create beautiful looks.

Just for you, we dig unto the Instagram inspirations to select the best hairstyles you will love to wear this summer. Here are the 10 amazing hairstyles perfect for summer 2019. Ready?

1. The Classy Ponytail

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Good morning ☀️ what are you most excited about for summer? I’m excited about warm summer night 🤗 but dreading the mosquitos 🙃

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This ponytail is just perfect for summer! It will make your hair will appear with more volume and create a beautiful hairstyle. Don’t forget to add some classy barrettes to perfect the look!

2. The Scarf Braid

A super refreshing look and easy to make! You just have to do a classic braid but substitute a strand of hair by a scarf. Choose it colourful for a perfect summer hairstyle!

3. The Braid Crown

An effortless hairstyle for an everyday perfect summer look! It will create an amazing result on short and long hair. Do not hesitate any longer to wear it!

4. The Scarf Low Ponytail

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I tried out the scarf pony trend 👒

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The easiest hairstyle ever adapted for summer! Add a colourful scarf to light up a bit this super nice hairstyle and make it perfect for summer!

5. The Top Half Up Bun

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With the summer coming up and these new extensions, I’m feeling WAY more creative with my hair lately 💁🏼‍♀️ I love doing braids and learning how to do them (styling was my speciality for a reason 😉), so I asked in my story today for some suggestions for a tutorial! First one I got was this “half up braided top knot”! It was my first time ever doing this style, but I wouldn’t say it was a complete fail haha 🤪 Video is currently uploading on my IGTV and will be available soon! If there’s a certain style you’d like to see, drop a comment below or DM me a pic! #hairstylists #braidedtopknot #halfuphairstyle #bfbhair #clipinextensions

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This look is super easy to make but the result is truly amazing! It seems like an effortless hairstyle even if it’s not! A bit of practice and you will be able to do it super quickly!

6. The Boxer Braids

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Sunday Funday☀️

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Ok, we are talking about a little more technical hairstyles but the result is so perfect for summer! Use your hands to loose the braids a bit and you will achieve this amazing look and make some envious among your friends

7. The Half Ponytail

A super easy look adapted for the sunny days thanks to a piece of fabric Vichy. Perfect for blonde hair.

8. The Low Buns

The hair trend of 2019 adapted to a summer look! This hairstyle is just perfect to add a touch of fantasy to your whole look. We are definitely in love with accessories in the hair!

9. The Ponytail with a Braid Inside

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💛This is so GORGEOUS!💛 This photo is by the very talented @all_to_braids 🌻 Such a pretty summer hairstyle! 🌻 Double tap if you’re happy that summer is finally here!😄💖

Une publication partagée par Paula Ramm (@beautiful_life_hairstyles) le

Another ponytail, another perfect summer look easy to realize. You can do it with a high or a low ponytail. Add some accessories depending on your look.

 10. The Messy Bun

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Mmmmhhhmmm.. mmmhhmm…. mmhhmm.. yup. ❤️

Une publication partagée par Ash and Co. (@ashandcobridalhair) le

The perfect hairstyle for every season of the year! The messy bun has no rules other than being messy! And for that reason, it can take all the possibles shapes!

So, which one is your favorite?

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