No Yellow by Fanola : from the foam to the mask to the thermo protector

Fanola no longer needs to make a reputation for itself, with more than 500k followers on social media, their no yellow shampoo is the most popular in the world! 

Fanola is a reference in the "no yellow" industry with different products designed specifically for blonde hair. If you specialize in blond highlights or have at least one blond client a month, read on as we explain the different products in Fanola's No Yellow line!

To begin with, the famous No Yellow shampoo is composed of a purple pigment and is, according to its reputation, one of the most neutralizing on the market. It's a good product if you're looking for complete neutralization! Be careful, however, it leaves a deposit on the hair and is not very moisturizing. 

After shampooing, the No Yellow mask completes the neutralization of the shampoo by providing a slight moisturizing effect. Save money, choose the box of 12 and get 10% off!

Are you looking for a conditioner that will moisturize your client's hair? Fanola has you covered! 

Discover the No Yellow incredible foam, formulated with a special purple pigment that neutralizes unwanted yellow highlights and leaves hair soft and shiny without weighing it downWith the same amount of purple pigment as in the original No Yellow shampoo and added blueberry, this product doesn't just condition hair, it tones it. Ideal for fine hair to keep it from weighing it down.

Once the hair is rinsed, Fanola suggests continuing the neutralization, using the No Yellow two-phase leave-in spray. As the name suggests, this is a leave-in treatment, so be sure to shake it vigorously before application to enjoy all its benefits. It brings a final touch of hydration to the hair while helping to detangle. 

Once the hair is clean, moisturized and detangled, it's time to move on to styling. Once again, Fanola is there for you with a No Yellow Care Thermo-Protective Cream. Thanks to the "Heat Block'' complex, the No Yellow thermo-protective cream protects hair from the heat of hairdryers, straighteners and other heating tools. It has an anti-oxidant action while sealing the hair fibers and preventing split ends.

As you can see, Fanola is a must when it comes to blonde hair!

It's important to remind your customers that blonde hair can also be maintained at home with the right products for their needs! Now is the time to get the different products from the No Yellow line in resale format for the happiness of your customers! 

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