How Does Fanola No Yellow Shampoo Work?
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Maintain a perfect blonde takes a lot of time, money and real dedication. To preserve beautiful shades as you just left the salon, set up your haircare routine at home is the key. It is at where the magic of the No Yellow shampoo comes in! So, how does Fanola No Yellow shampoo work? How to use it and how often? Here are all the answers to your questions to take care of your blonde at home.

What does Fanola No Yellow shampoo do?

The Fanola No Yellow shampoo is based on purple pigments. These pigments are going to neutralize golden reflections. To be perfectly clear, we will share with you the secret of professional colorists: the chromatic circle. The opposite colors absorb and neutralize themselves. If you have a closer look, purple is located directly across from yellow. The purple shampoo concept might sound crazy but it will quickly become a must-have to eliminate the bad yellow shades of blonde.

fanola no yellow shampoo

How to use Fanola No Yellow shampoo?

In order to neutralize some light shades, you can use it as any shampoos, by insisting along the lengths. You could even add a bit of your purple shampoo to your regular one. For a bigger effect, it can even be used on dry hair. The Fanola No Yellow shampoo can be compared to a toner, but only if you already have a good blonde base. The laying time is between 3 to 5 minutes depending on the needs. The best remains to ask your colorist expert's opinion.

fanola purple shampoo

How often to use the purple shampoo?

The Fanola No Yellow shampoo should be used in addition with your regular shampoo. At the question: when to use No Yellow shampoo? The answer is: once your hair washed and towel-dried hair. It’s recommended to use it once to twice a week. So if you wash your hair twice a week, use the Fanola No Yellow shampoo only once. For a complete treatment of your blonde, you can complete your hair routine with the Fanola No Yellow Mask.