5 Good Reasons to Choose Professional Shampoo
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Is professional shampoo better than supermarket shampoo? Why are professional products more expensive? Is the price difference justified?

Sometimes, it can be hard to choose between the many, many different shampoos available on the market. The first purpose of shampoo is to wash off dirt and sebum accumulation. With the right ingredients, these products can alter the appearance and general health of your hair. Here, the Boutique 8084 team give you 5 good reasons to choose professional hair care products.

1 – Basic ingredients

All shampoos are made from two ingredients: water and detergent.

Water is present in every shampoo and is used to adjust product concentration.

Detergent (active surfactants) is present in every shampoo and is used to clean your hair. Different formulas are used by different companies for different problems (dandruff, dryness, greasiness, etc.)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is used to make the product lather. Almost all shampoos contain a certain percentage (higher or lower depending on the brand) of Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulfate. Contrary to a widespread belief, shampoo doesn’t have to lather in order to clean your hair. This ingredient is often used in supermarket shampoo because of its low cost.

An excess of active surfactants can cause undesirable reactions in your hair, like less shine, too much sebum, fragile hair tips, or an itchy scalp. With time, an aggressive product will damage your hair. Professional shampoo contains fewer active surfactants to respect the hair structure.

2 – Additives in shampoos

Professional shampoo and supermarket shampoo contain active ingredients to meet quality standards.

Here are some examples of the additives used in shampoo:

  • A treating additive (adapted to your hair type)
  • A softening additive (to counter dryness)
  • A thickening additive (which adds texture to the product)
  • A pearling additive (to improve the appearance of the product)
  • A preservative additive (to avoid decomposition of the product and bacteria proliferation)
  • A foaming additive
  • fragrance

Various shampoos prioritize various ingredients. Shampoo for dry hair and shampoo for greasy hair are not composed of the same ingredients; they differ to respond to the needs of various hair types. While professional shampoos are more expensive than supermarket ones, they tend to offer more in terms of quality and quantity.

3 – Silicone

Silicone is often added to supermarket shampoo, because it’s a low-cost ingredient. You can find it under different names (all of which end with thicone, thicolol, siloxane, siloxane, or silane). Silicone presents some advantages, like adding shine to hair and making it easier to comb, but too much of it will give you the illusion that your hair is full of life by filling it with silicone, when in fact, your hair is becoming less receptive to other hair products because of it.

Silicone can cause dryness in your hair, and even more so if it’s been colored. In some cases, it can be harder to dye hair because the silicone prevents the color pigmentation from holding on.

Professional shampoo may contain silicone (for some of its better features), but contrary to the silicone used in supermarket shampoo, it’s water-soluble, so your hair won’t get heavier.

4 – Hairdresser expertise

If you choose to buy a professional hair care product, you can be sure that a hairdresser will answer all of your questions. Professionals can help you find the right product for your type of hair. Furthermore, they really know the products they sell, and they can give you invaluable advice. That’s a huge difference between professional and supermarket shampoos.

5 – Value for your money (quality/price)

Supermarket shampoo may give you the impression that you’re getting more for your money, but in fact, professional shampoo will last you longer because you’ll need to use less of the product each time, since professional products are more concentrated than supermarket ones.

There is a science behind the shampoo we use daily. Professional companies are always striving to use quality ingredients in their products. Supermarket and professional products are both going to wash your hair, but just remember that the quality of the product will have an impact on the look of your hair.

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