How to Get Perfect Natural Curls?
If you have naturally curly hair, you already know that every morning is a surprise! And it’s pretty rare that your hair looks exactly like you want them to look. However, your curls are terribly sexy and there is no way to get rid of them!

And what if we told you that having perfect natural curls wasn’t that difficult? Actually, it is often enough to have the right products and tools to give your curls all their vitality. Today we're sharing our favorite tips and tricks with you, so you can finally be proud of your curls!

The hydration

Having perfect curls, start with the shampoo! Curly hair tends to be dry. To keep your curls looking perfect and avoid frizz, it's better to use a shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize your hair as the Nutri Care shampoo from Fanola.

fanola Nutri care Shampoo
fanola nutri care mask

Use a towel to dry your hair

After the shower, put your hair in a towel to dry them. Remember to don't rub it! This is the best way to ruin all your work.

Use a wide-toothed comb

Having beautiful curls also requires knowing good practices. For example, brushing your hair while it's still wet is one of the things you should NOT do. Instead, it's better to brush them with your fingers or, even better, a wide-toothed comb.

Invest in a good styling product

The next step is to apply your styling product to draw your curls and add volume to your hair. You can choose a styling mousse or a special product for curly hair.

Dry your hair with a diffuser

The best accessory to dry your curly hair is your diffuser! It will allow you to give volume to your mane. You can also invest in quality curling iron that will allow you to make some one-off adjustments.

How to make your curls last longer?

Once you did all of this, you should see a big difference! To make your beautiful curls last longer, you can use a texturizing spray.

Did you know all these tricks? Now you have no excuse for not having beautiful natural curls!