The Secret to Perfect Blonde Hair: Purple Shampoo
girl with blonde hair

Light hair (whether natural or colored) tends to lose its luster and develop brassy, yellow tones over time. To get rid of these warm shades and bring the perfect blonde back, purple shampoo works wonders. This shampoo uses the color purple to correct warm tones in blonde hair. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, meaning they cancel each other out. This product is very effective and delivers immediately visible results. Purple shampoo is also great on grey and white hair.

How to use it the purple shampoo?

Apply to wet hair and leave for 1-5 minutes, then lather and rinse off. The results will vary depending on how long you leave the shampoo to work. You might want to wear disposable gloves to avoid staining your fingers.

Purple shampoo can leave your hair feeling a bit dry. For people with dry or damaged hair, it is better to use a purple mask rather than a shampoo. In addition to being as effective as the shampoo, the mask moisturizes the hair.

How often?

The shampoo or mask should be used once every two weeks to maintain a medium-clear blonde and more frequently for colors such as platinum or white.

Which products to choose?

There are many brands offering purple toning shampoos and masks, but Fanola's No Yellow shampoo and mask have been endorsed by the best hairdressers. They are also very popular on social networks, especially on Instagram, where you can find amazing before and after photos.

fanola no yellow shampoo and mask

You can find Fanola's No Yellow shampoo or No Yellow mask on Boutique 8084.

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