How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter?
girl under the snow

Like our skin, our hair suffers from cold and extreme temperatures. Electric, brittle or weakened hair is one of the inconveniences we all have to deal with every year. Cold and repeated transitions between hot and cold environments deprive our hair of its natural moisture. As you will have understood, in winter too, it is essential to have a good hair care routine to keep your hair healthy.

Hopefully, a few tips and the use of appropriate treatment are enough to restore shine to your hair. For professional care, among our favourite products, the Nutri Care range by Fanola. A complete treatment to take care of our hair and limit the harmful effects of the cold. Here are some simples but useful tips to get rid of these bad winter habits that make our hair even more fragile.

Reduce hair washes

Winter is the best time to learn to space out your shampoos more apart and allow your hair to keep its natural moisture to protect itself from the cold.

Moisturize your hair with hair oil

Temperatures that are too extreme tend to dry out your hair. Add hair oil to your hair care routine is a great way to help your hair stay hydrated. Fanola Nutri Care Repairing Fluid Crystals is enriched with aloe vera to deeply moisturize hair.

hair crystals Nutri Care

Avoid hair styling tools

Heat styling tools are the main cause of dry and damaged hair. While your hair is already fragile, avoid using your flat iron or curling tool. Accept the natural shape of your hair and take the opportunity to try new hairstyles.

Use a conditioning hair mask

Consider using a moisturizing mask at least once a week to supplement your hair's natural moisture. Professional masks such as Fanola's Nutri Care Restructuring Mask provide fast and effective hydration.

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Wear a hat

Protect your hair from the cold by wearing a hat when you go out. Prefer a wool hat or wrap your hair in a scarf. Your hair will be grateful!