What are we doing to support you as a hairdresser?

The COVID-19 crisis that is affecting the entire world is also having a real impact on our daily lives and businesses. We know that many of our clients are facing difficulties in keeping their companies afloat. At Boutique 8084, we have been working hard since the beginning of the crisis to find solutions to help and support hairdressers. We have put together promotional benefits and retail kits to be shipped directly to your clients' homes. Temporary solutions to help you get through this difficult period in the best possible conditions. We are at your side and listening to you at all times, because we're stronger together!

Your favorite products at the best prices

Boutique 8084 works throughout the year to offer you high-quality products at the best prices. All the products in the online store remain available at the best market prices. However, we have decided to do more! From now on, delivery is free on all your orders and peroxides in small sizes are also half price for the duration of the crisis.

However, we have decided to do more! From now on, delivery is free on all your orders and peroxides in small sizes are also half price for the duration of the crisis.

Retail kits for your clients at home

We have designed retail kits that we ship directly to your customers at home. The purpose of our kits is to give you the opportunity to offer the customers of your choice a temporary alternative solution to be carried out at home. Our colouring kits allow them to do their own roots covering thanks to our products and the advice you will give them. We advise you to offer them a simple formula to carry out at home or to offer them a video-conference. We advise you to choose products that you are used to using on your client or to have your client sign a waiver to release you from any liability.

Offer a solution to your customer and avoid making him turn to commercial alternatives.

This way, you keep the privileged relationship you have with your customers by offering them a complete solution. We have extended our kits to include our bestseller's hair care products, such as purple shampoo, to maintain blond hair at home.

How to send our kits directly to your customers?

We'll take care of everything! You will be able to place your order from home and your customer will receive it directly at home. To order our kits, or any other product of our website, simply choose the options of your choice and change the delivery address when you place your order. You will receive your order confirmation and invoice by email, as usual.

The concept is simple:

1. You contact your customer for payment,

2. You place his order on the site Boutique 8084,

3. We take care of the rest!

We stay connected

We have thought of these solutions on a temporary basis to allow you to keep the link with your customers and to ensure that they do not turn to other mass market products for example. We offer you the possibility to keep a source of income while remaining safe and secure at home. Don't hesitate to invite your customers to support you by choosing this solution that will benefit both parties.

We remain at your disposal for any ideas, questions or suggestions. We will be happy to help you!