What’s the difference between No Yellow and No Orange shampoos from Fanola?


fanola no yellow no orange

I’m pretty sure I no longer need to introduce the very famous Fanola No Yellow and No Orange shampoos. They’re monopolizing social media and you just have to look a before-after picture to understand why! On another hand, I feel that I need to be a little more specific about the differences between the No Yellow and the No Orange. In fact, they’re different, but not because one is better than the other, but because there have 2 different uses.

Wanna know which one you should use and why? Keep reading!

What’s the difference between No Yellow and No Orange?

To understand the difference between the No Yellow and the No Orange, it’s essential to have a quick look at our color wheel. Every colorist knows it perfectly and that’s why they know how to mix colors to achieve the one you dream of. Have a look at this color wheel, purple and yellow and blue and orange are located at the exact opposite. There are complementary colors.

color wheel

In colorimetry, the complementary colors absorb themselves to neutralize each other. This way, purple neutralize yellow and blue cancel orange reflections. This is how Fanola’s No Yellow and No Orange shampoos work!

color wheel no yellow fanolacolor wheel no orange


No Yellow shampoo for who?

For blondes essentially! It will cancel the undesirable yellow or golden reflections by adding violet pigments. It suits for people with grey or white hair in order to maintain the cold reflections. The Fanola No Yellow do a deposit of pigments to conserve cold reflections.

No Orange for who?

For brunettes, dark blonde, grey and platinum hair. It will neutralize the golden without a deposit of ash color. It depends on the warm reflections you want to keep in your hair. The Fanola No Orange used by brunettes, it will cancel the undesirable orange/red reflections. For blondes, it will cancel the orange but keep a bit of yellow for a warmer result.

Some amazing Fanola No Yellow and No Orange results

Now, you know how No Yellow and No Orange shampoos work! You can choose to use one or the other according to your hair color but also to the reflection you want to give to your color. In any case, never hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice!