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Checklist for your Hair Salon Reopening (downloadable e-book)

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Note: this guide is not an official government guide, it contains general recommendations to assist you in reopening your hair salon. We tried to standardize the information from the different provinces, we invite you to consult the effective measures in your province!

Some recommendations for a safe reopening.


Before your salon reopens, plan to re-schedule appointments that have been cancelled in order of priority:

  • Contact your clients to schedule a new appointment and inform them of the measures which has been taken when they come to your salon.
  • Keep a minimum 30-minute beat period between each client to have time to reorganize your workstation and limit interactions.
  • In accordance with your city’s guidelines, plan to operate during wider time slots (ex. from 8am to 8pm).
  • Organize your schedule to receive a limited number of clients depending on the service (ex: dedicate a day to cutting or colouring).
  • Offer a remote service to people at risk or who do not wish to visit move.
  • Ask your clients if they have any symptoms or have been in contact with people with symptoms, and if so, reschedule the appointment.
  • If possible, plan to save time on your appointment by preparing your service in advance during a videoconference call with your client.


It is important to integrate your new sanitary measures into your working day, here are some tips:

  • Plan to reorganize your workstations to respect safety distances.
  • If this is not possible, plan to install protective screens between workstations and sinks.
  • Reduce the number of workers/day to the minimum
  • Plan longer time slots for each appointment in order to have time to disinfect your tools, equipment and all surfaces (seats, mirrors, shelves, sanitary facilities) between each client.
  • Also disinfect staff areas such as the telephone, reception, dining area, tables and chairs.
  • Wash each guest’s capes and towels at a minimum of 60C for 30 minutes.
  • Ensure good ventilation of the spaces to renew the air.
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Remove all non-essential objects from common areas (magazines, trinkets…).


The safety of your customers is as important as your own, thatā€™s why you must make sure you adapt your equipment to the situation:

  • Wear a mask and a face shield.
  • Wear gloves as often as possible
  • Get a smock or gown.
  • If possible, install protective screens at the reception desk and between workstations and sinks. If not, space them sufficiently to keep at least 2 meters apart.

Customer reception

Welcoming your customers in good conditions means reassuring them and informing them about the measures you have implemented:

  • Reassure your clients and inform them of the instructions to follow when they come (minimum distance, hand washing, wearing a mask, coming alone).
  • Display the instructions and measures taken on the window and inside your hair salon in a visible place.
  • Invite them to wash their hands or place at least 60% alcohol-based hand gel in strategic places.
  • Inform your customers of the waiting time for their service, avoid moves
  • Avoid gatherings as much as possible by asking your clients to show up at the precise time of their appointment and avoid being early or late.
  • Take advantage of the time in the showroom to communicate with your customer about your promotions, schedule the next appointment or offer them the products you offer for resale.
  • Prefer payment by credit card

Staff organization

Your staff must also respect the rules set up in your salon, here are some ideas to organize their schedules and their working environment:

  • Inform your staff of the various measures in place and the procedures for welcoming customers and disinfecting surfaces.
  • If one of your team members shows symptoms, he or she must immediately inform you and not come to the workplace to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • If possible, equip your staff with the required protective equipment to ensure that it will meet your needs.
  • Organize the workstations of your team members to respect safety distances.

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