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Discover Martin Comeau : Educator & Hairstylist

Discover Martin Comeau : Educator & Hairstylist

Last week we shared with you a portrait of Alex Hurtubise, today it's Martin Comeau's turn, co-owner of the salon, to tell us about his career and his favorite products.

Martin Comeau is a well-known hairstylist and co-owner of La Scala Salon in Rosemere for 22 years. With 27 years of experience, he has made a career as an educator and stage performer in the field of hairdressing. Since the beginning of the health crisis, Martin has re-dedicated himself to his salon clientele, an important relationship for him that has allowed him to double his clientele in the last year. 

Although passionate about education and coloring, Martin's strength is trimming. Like any good enthusiast and passionate person, Martin works almost 6 days a week and always with the same passion.

I still have the same flame, I don't go to work, I go to have fun with my clients, so that's what's most important, it's one of the most fabulous jobs we have in the world, hairdresser we are really lucky.

It was meeting Jason, a hairdresser from San Francisco at a hair show that made the difference and Martin found his passion.

I was sitting on the stage as a model and I saw the hairdresser come in, his name was Jason, a really good hairdresser from San Francisco, he really impressed me. And when he started doing my haircut and talking on the stage about education, it just automatically clicked, I'm telling you, I said to myself I want to do this in life, I want to do what this guy is doing, I want to give education, I want to be a trainer.

As co-owner of a hair salon, Martin takes customer service very seriously and always listens to his clients.

And let's face it, with all that's going on on social media, the clientele is much more demanding than it was in the past few years - you really have to listen and be there.

As you can see, Martin is passionate about hairdressing and as an educator he has tried many products throughout his career but it is on Selective that his heart stopped. He honors us by presenting 3 of his favorite products that are essential to his daily work in the salon.

     1. The pigments

I can tell you that 9 out of 10 clients I add pigments to it. It's a little extra that will help you and also allows you to customize the color of the client to have a better result. 

First and foremost, Martin is a big user of pigments that he has completely adopted in his formulas. ThePigments by Selective are 7 pure liquid pigments that can be used to neutralize some highlights, accentuate a color or even customize a color to your client's taste.

The pigments are really a tool that will help us, it's like a magic ingredient that we add in the cooking. Often customers don't want yellow blondes, they don't want browns that are too red, so we add in our formulas the additives of either green, blue or grey for blondes that I like to use a lot.

Although available in 7 different colors, Martin uses a lot of the green, blue and grey pigments as well as the red one.

I really like the blue, the green. The green I recommend it a lot on levels 1 to 3 to neutralize the red. And the gray in the bases of blond to truly neutralize the golden highlights in levels 9 and 10 with .17 so to have a more ashy result.
I'll cut back on the grams if I have a lot of white hair. I really like to use red too even to warm up a brown simply.

    2. The coloring

There's nothing like using Selective Haircolors with ThePigments, and Martin knows all about it. After a few successful tests with some tubes of Selective, La Scala Salon immediately switched from its old line of coloring to the quality of Selective.

Since we have known a coloring that is made in Italy, they really have strong strengths in terms of hold, shine especially shine, I think that customers are looking for in a coloring is the shine and then often in some companies it' s what may be missing but with Selective, all the choices of the panoply of color that can be done, the colors are really bright, have a good hold, really a good hold, and then the quality of hair is also really intact. Then the coverage of the white hair I could tell you 0 problem, 0, 0, 0 problem.


Colorevo and Reverso (without ammonia and PPD), offer you colorings all in translucence which allow to keep an extreme brightness while protecting the integrity of the hair but also by bringing a total covering of the white hair.


You can also work a little bit with translucency, it's not a coloring that is hyper opaque so it really catches me as a hairdresser. It's sure that it's the luminosity that will give the shine to the hair compared to a color that is very opaque.

    3. Decolorvit Scalp

Like his colleague Alex, Martin also had a crush on Selective's Scalp bleaching powder, a powder that is ultra respectful of the scalp while offering a high level of bleaching. A true favorite of the entire La Scala Salon, this bleaching powder also contains a purplish base to allow an optimal neutralization of the yellow pigments during the bleaching process.

We learned how to do highlights with this bleaching powder and the results are really beautiful now that's all I use in the salon. The integrity, the texture of the hair, the level of bleach is quite impressive. We're on a purplish base so we're really going to neutralize the yellow so it's my favorite bleach for the last year and a half. It is really on it that we hooked, because sometimes the bleach can weaken the hair.

We wanted to thank once again the salon La Scala to have welcomed us and Martin to have taken the time to tell us about his career and his favorite products.

Feel free to discover his work on his social networks @salonlascala and @martcom1975.

We look forward to meeting you too!

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