Hair accessories are the hairdresser’s indispensable tools! Find here all our hairdressing accessories to equip your hairdressing salon.

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  • hair color brush bowl

    Hair Color Brush & Bowl

  • white pump

    Product Dispenser Pump

  • Hair Color Brush

    Hair Color Brush

  • hair color bowl fanola

    Hair Color Bowl

  • single use hair gowns

    Alter Ego Italy Single Use Plastic Gowns

  • alter ego italy glass bowl

    Alter Ego Italy Glass Bowl

  • alter ego italy digital scale

    Alter Ego Italy Hairdressing Digital Scale

  • alter ego italy cape

    Hairdresser Cape

  • Sale!

    Alter Ego Italy Hair Apron

  • alter ego italy black towel

    Alter Ego Italy Towel

  • Bleach Proof Black Towel

  • hair colour hair silicon brush

    Alter Ego Italy Hair Color Silicon Brush