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Fanola Hair Colors Intro Kit 2

This product is available to purchase for professionals only.
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This intro kit includes 124x pre-selected Fanola hair colors (one of each) and all items featured in the image:

  • 1 swatch book
  • 1 bowl & brush
  • 2 peroxides 10 Vol. 1000 ml
  • 2 peroxides 20 Vol. 1000 ml
  • 2 peroxides 30 Vol. 1000 ml
  • 2 peroxides 40 Vol. 1000 ml
  • 1 Fanola No Yellow shampoo 1000 ml
  • 1 Fanola No Orange shampoo 1000 ml


This kit will come as is and cannot be modified. If you want to choose the colors, you can select Fanola intro kit 1 which allows you to add 40x Fanola hair colors of your choice. If you have any questions about this kit, please contact us by email:

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