Biosfera Intro Kit Purifying Ritual

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The Biosfera products Purifying Ritual is based on essential oils to offers an effective solution to dandruff and sebum excess problems. The detergents of the Biosfera purifying products are free of SLS and SLES and particularly delicate. The surfactants present in this line are derivated of sugars to offer the most natural solution in the market today.

Biosfera Intro Kit Purifying Ritual contains all the puryfing range of products formulated with essential oils of mint, save, oregano and rosemary for their lenitive and preventive functions of dandruff, ensuring a fast and lasting result over time.

The Biosfera Intro Kit Energizing Ritual includes:

    • 1 Biosfera Purifying Shampoo - 250 ml

    • 1 Biosfera Purifying Lotion - 12x10 ml

    • 1 Biosfera Moisturizing Cream - 200 ml

    • 1 Biosfera  Moisturizing Mask - 250 ml

    • 1 Biosfera Counter Display

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