Fanola Botugen Hair Ritual Package

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This package includes:

  • 1 Fanola Botugen Reconstructive Shampoo 300ml

  • 1 Fanola Botugen Reconstructive Mask 300ml

  • 1 Fanola Botugen Reconstructor Filler Spray 150ml

The Fanola Botugen Hair Ritual is a complete routine dedicated to damaged hair. Its formula based on botolife, keratin and hyaluronic acid provides to your hair an entire reconstruction process. The shampoo cleanses the hair while facilitating the internal reconstruction process. Its gentle formula with no Sulphates and no Salt restores the hair’s natural protein balance. The mask is perfect for brittle and damaged hair. Its rich formulation seals the hair scales helping the reconstruction process. To conclude, the filler spray gives tone, body and volume to the hair making it extraordinary silky. Your hairstyle will last longer!

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