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5 look ideas for your little holiday parties!

5 look ideas for your little holiday parties!

Some hairdressers or even individuals have an overflowing talent and don't miss an opportunity to let their art express itself! Because we wanted to offer you a bit of Christmas joy, we've selected 5 glamorous REALISTIC holiday hairstyles that will blow your mind! You can easily teach your client how to do these hairstyles at home and suggest styling products!

Ready to dive unto Christmas spirit?

1. If you love hair accessories, you'll definitely love these two looks! They are simple to realise but with the little extra that makes all the difference!

Our selection : Use the Now Pure Mist Eco-Friendly Volumizing Hair Spray, ideal for giving volume, support, shape and shine to any style!



2. Are you team ponytails? Because we are ! These two ponytails are gorgeous! A scrunchie can make a big difference and bring your look from a daily hairstyle to a christmas hairstyle in a minute!

Our selection : Use Now Fix Control Versatile Fixing Spray, a strong and elastic fixing spray that makes it possible to comb and work hair, without hardening it or making it sticky. 





3. One of our favourite! This 2-in-1 look is simply stunning! You can check out the video tutorial on youtube to learn how to make your hair look like this! It's easier than it seems. 

Our selection : Use Now Set Up Instant Volumizing Shampoo to add volume and  make hair hold more easily!



4. You're in the fancy mood ? Try this fancy ponytail for a simple but impressive result.  
Our selection : Use Now Light On Frizz control shiner fluid, it eliminates the electrostatic effect, giving hair maximum shine and silkiness. The finishing touch for healthy, full-bodied and glossy hair in an instant!


5. Last but not least, this mix between braids and hair accessories! 

Our selection : Use Stay Still Extra-strong Fixing Hair Spray to keep the final hairstyle in place. Offers extremely strong and firm hold without leaving any residue.


Which one do you love the most?

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