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Why is it important to personalize CULT.O treatments?

Why is it important to personalize CULT.O treatments?

Are you looking for an exceptional line of treatments to offer your clients a 100% personalized beauty ritual? The CULT.O line was designed as part of a wellness routine adapted to each person. This is why CULT.O treatments can be customized to each person's needs and can evolve over time. The CULT.O range can, therefore, accompany you in all your needs. In order to enjoy it fully, we invite you to discover it in a few simple steps!

The art of CULT.O customization

The CULT.O professional line is inspired by nature and the power of the elements, such as the sea and the earth, to offer you a complete sensory experience. This line draws its strength from the beauty and complementarity of nature. CULT.O's treatments focus on the uniqueness of each individual, offering personalized care for each need with the possibility of evolving over time. Also, the CULT.O product line contains few products but allows a multitude of possibilities, adapted to each person.

A customized treatment

The CULT.O hair treatment line is a luxurious line that awakens the senses and is customized to everyone's needs and desires. Each client can receive a treatment specially designed for them and enjoy all the benefits of the precious ingredients selected in CULT.O products. A personalized treatment will allow you to guarantee effectiveness since it is targeted to your client's problems.  

Cleansing care bases 

CULT.O care products contain a Acqua micellar Shampoo and a Sublime Infusion Balm. Enriched with minerals, microcellular extracts, amino acids, proteins and nutrients, they exalt all the benefits of the concentrate actives. There are 7 types of concentrate actives that can be added to the base and mixed together:

Active 1: Hydrating: for dry and dehydrated hair

Active n°2: Control : for frizzy and curly hair

Active n°3 : Volume : for fine hair

Active n°4: Protection: for cosmetically colored hair

Active 5: Repair: for treated and damaged hair

Active 6: Purifying: regulates excess sebum and controls dandruff

Active n°7 : Energizing : stimulates microcirculation

Each concentrate actives can be mixed with the Acqua micellar Shampoo or the Sublime Infusion Balm. You can therefore cover the needs of your entire clientele with only 2 care products. You can also offer them this possibility at home thanks to the resale products and concentrated actives best suited to their needs, which can eventually vary over time. For example, the concentrate active n°4 Protection can be added to the shampoo, and the concentrate actives n°1 can be added to the Infusion Balm to protect its color and hydrate. Discover the infinite possibilities offered by CULT.O!

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