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Hair care routine for thinning hair

Hair care routine for thinning hair

Is your client's hair fine, brittle, thinning? Would they like to have healthy hair with maximum volume? We have the solution!  A quick and easy treatment for an impressive and immediate result, discover the OnCare Refill range, what to delight your customers!


The first step, but also the one that your clients often underestimated: using the right shampoo for their needs. For fine, damaged hair, On Care Densi-Fill shampoo strengthens and thickens hair, leaving it healthier and more voluminous.It's also a great time to educate your customers about the importance of using the right products.


The treatment is the most important part since this is where the active ingredients enter the process. Simply mix product 1 with product 2 of the On Care Densi-Fill treatment in equal parts and apply it to your client's hair with a comb to distribute the treatment from root to lengths. Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


Step 3: THE FOAM

The last step of the routine is the volumizing and repairing spray mousse. The addition of hyaluronic acid helps restore moisture and the action of marine collagen densifies the hair fiber. Simply spray the mousse all over your hair and comb through to ensure the product is evenly spread. Let it sit for 30 seconds, then rinse, quick and easy!


Result: your client's hair is soft, voluminous, manageable hair in minutes. 

For an in-depth expert advice, check out Lucie's video on botox treatments!



Are you a fan of botox treatments? Tell us what you think in the comments. :)

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