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Learn more about our different Purple Shampoos

Learn more about our different Purple Shampoos

Blonde hair loves them, there are hundreds of them, the purple shampoos. 

We have 3 different ones at Boutique 8084, but which one to choose? Which one is the most moisturizing? Which one has the best neutralization? We answer all the questions right here and as a bonus a little video to see them in action! :)

We recently introduced Selective's No Yellow Blonde Hair shampoo to the store. It revolutionizes the purple shampoo market by providing intense neutralization and hydration in one product without leaving any residue on the hair, perfect after a technical service where the hair may have been weakened. 

The plus of this shampoo is its amazing smell! It makes this treatment an absolute must for you, technician, as well as for your customers. 

Still in the top neutralization category, NYO's No Yellow Shampoo offers the same level of neutralization as the famous Fanola shampoo, but with greater hydration. It is the right compromise for hair that has just been bleached and needs moisture. It may leave a slight deposit on porous hair. 

Finally, we have a second purple shampoo from Selective, the Silver Power, like its brother the Blonde Hair shampoo, it provides good hydration and neutralizes yellow/golden highlights without leaving a deposit on the hair. 

Which one do you want to try it first ? Tell us!


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