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Oncare Daily Balm

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Hydrating conditioner for dry hair. It hydrates in depth, leaving hair soft, bright and full-bodied.


AVOCADO OIL : Avocado oil is a natural oil, rich in nutrients and carotenoids. Its power of rapid penetration makes it extremely nourishing and capable of moisturizing the scalp and hair the hair shaft when it is particularly dry. It improves moisture levels, hair growth and hair growth and luminosity.

JOJOBA OIL : Rich in nourishing and protective properties for hair. Its specific molecular structure, similar to sebum which is naturally secreted from the scalp, contributes to giving outstanding nutrition, hydration and softness to hair.

PEQUI OIL: Has a high concentration of A pro-vitamin and it is naturally rich in oleic and palmitic fatty acids. It gives elasticity, reduces the frizz effect and adds sparkle to lengths. A light oil, rich in antioxidants, which prevents the signs of premature aging.

HOW TO USE : Apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Comb throughout to favor its distribution. Wait for 2-3 minutes or up to 5 minutes for a deeper hydration. Rinse thoroughly before styling.

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