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PowerPlex Bleaching Powder 500gr

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Discover Selective's Powerplex bleaching powder with its powerful lightening properties and maximum protection of the hair fiber.

Thanks to an innovative sugar complex with highly conditioning, moisturizing and protective properties, the bleaching powder guarantees maximum support for the hair fiber.

It ensures an even and regular bleaching, up to 8 levels of lightening, even more shiny and bright thanks to the anti-yellow pigment.


Active ingredients:

POWERPLEX COMPLEX: protein designed to easily penetrate the strands, it gives strength, shine and protection to the hair. It reduces damage caused by chemical treatments, environmental stress or styling practices.

SUGAR COMPLEX: with highly conditioning, moisturizing and protective properties throughout the bleaching process.


Features of the Decolorvit line:

Protects: innovative line designed to protect and strengthen the hair structure Illuminates: allows you to achieve extra shiny blonds by leaving hair glowy and moisturized.


Directions for use:

To ensure extraordinary results, it is recommended to use Powerplex Bleaching Powder exclusively in a mixture with its Powerplex Oxy 10-20-30-40 vol. activator. STANDARD TEXTURE 1:2 CUSTOM TEXTURE 1:1 or 1:1.5 depending on the desired texture and technical service.


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