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5 tips for shiny hair

5 tips for shiny hair

Shiny hair, your clients' dream! Did you know that a few simple steps in their routine could change everything? The Boutique 8084 team has put together a few tips and a selection of products to suggest to your clients to keep or regain a healthy shine!


Tip #1: Suggest the right products for their needs

We tend to pick the first shampoo we see, but shampoo is the first step for a good hair routine.

This is the time to educate your customers and offer them the right products for their needs: if your customer has fine, healthy hair, there's no need for them to use products that are too rich and can weigh their hair down. On the other hand, if they have dry and/or curly hair, suggest moisturizing shampoos. When applying, remind them not to use too much product. Generally, a small amount of shampoo placed in the palm of the hand is enough to wash their entire head. The gesture is also important, that's why it is necessary to insist on the best way to wash the hair in particular by rubbing well the scalp in depth, it is the moment to relax by massaging its head with the end of its fingers.

Our selection: Oncare daily hydration shampoo from Selective for daily hydration and light hair. Culto Micellar Water Shampoo with micellar water and sea salts gently cleanses hair and respects the skin and scalp.


Tip #2: Add active ingredients to their care 

Now that your client has the right shampoo, suggest adding active ingredients, once again, adapted to their needs for even more effective care. Cult.o active concentrates are developed with few ingredients chosen for their obvious effectiveness and purity. They only need to add 3 doses of active concentrates in the palm of their hand to one dose of the selected care product.

Our selection: Active n°1 hydration, active n°4 protection and active n°5 repair.

Tip #3: Rinse your hair with cold water

This technique is well known, but is it really a good idea? Between myth and good advice, your client may be lost! Cold water does not dissolve hair care products as well as warm water. Remind them that if they rinse their hair exclusively with cold water, they risk leaving product residue on their hair that will weigh it down. To get all the benefits of cold water, they should rinse their hair products with warm water first and then finish with a cold water rinse as the last rince.

Tip #4: Use styling products

To complete their routine, all they need is blow-dry. Blow-drying at home is always more complicated than blow-drying in a salon, so don't overlook the importance of styling products that will bring softness and shine to their hair. All they have to do is apply a few drops and concentrate on the tips and lengths.  Of course, remind them to always stay waya from the scalp to avoid a greasy hair effect that can be given by these oily products.


Our pick: Selective's Smooth beauty milk smoothes cuticles and eliminates frizz, taming, nourishing and protecting the hair fiber and Selective's Instant Touch fluid that tames, seals and protects the surface of the cuticle, leaving hair looking healthy and compact, silky, soft and shiny and making styling easier.


Tip #5: Protect your hair from heat

We all like to have nice blow-dry or beautiful curls just like in the salon, but we also know that heating tools are the worst enemies of our hair! If your client has trouble using heat protectors, compare their hair to their skin, they get burned when they touch something very hot, it's the same for their hair, once the reflection is acquired, they will always use a heat protector before each use of a heating device.


Our selection: Selective's Now up to 230°C 


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