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Discover That'so Italy and our selection of products.

Meet That'so Italy

That'so believe that beauty is a unique and fundamental value. They create cosmetic products that will make your clients feel beautiful and confident by dressing their skin with a natural, golden tan.

They develop cosmetic products that are accessibles to everyone! Their products are designed to create a wow effect and boost your clients self-confidence!


Need to refresh your tan ? Made a mistake during application?
No worries! Discover the new solution, the Sos Tan Remover from That'so and get off your olf tan or all streaky colors.

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That’so is the new generation of self-tanning products that are easy to apply, do not stain and do not leave unpleasant odors.

Their self-tanning sprays are made with sugar cane, which gives the skin a beautiful golden hue without any chemicals.

As your health is very important to them, their products are all paraben free, niquel free and dermatologically tested.

In addition, their products contain Aloe Vera for its incredible beneficial properties! That’so self-tanning products leave the skin soft and hydrated and give it a natural, almost magical tan.

That’so products are free of Erythrulose, a controversial ingredient found in most self-tanning products on the market. 

Their self-tanners offer a long-lasting tan, without the negative effects of the sun.

That’so self-tanners contain DHA, a sugar molecule, which is non-toxic for a natural tan without health risk.


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