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Discover Alex Hurtubise : Specialist in blond hair

Discover Alex Hurtubise : Specialist in blond hair

A few days ago, we went to the friendly and welcoming Salon La Scala to discover the talented artists and learn more about their techniques and their favorite products.

We begin this series of portraits with Alex Hurtubise, co-owner of Salon La Scala. Our members are our priority and we would like to get to know you! If you're interested in the concept, don't hesitate to contact us by email

La Scala is, above all, a story of passion. Opened 22 years ago, Alex and his partner, Martin, have developed their salon to finally return to their love with a slightly smaller, warmer and friendlier space where customer service is their priority.

Alex Hurtubise has been in the hair business since 1991 and has been working in many different fields, but his heart has always belonged to coloring.
Master of hair coloring, he now has more than 30 years of experience being a blond hair specialist, which today represents 90% of his customers.

My passion is coloring, but above all working with products that will give the result you want, so I need to have absolute confidence in the product I work with.

Alex masters the art of blond hair like no one else! Within all his years of experience, he had the opportunity to test various brands of hair coloring and hair care products, but it is on the Italian products that his search stopped.
For me, Reverso was an instant hit. I find that the colors are deeper and richer. Also, Reverso is an Italian brand, and we only work with Italian colorations. So Reverso is my favorite.

Alex kindly showed us his favorite products that make the difference in order to achieve the perfect blond. If you too have a blond clientele or if you want to discover new products and techniques, read on.

  1. Decolorvit Active Use by Selective

Alex uses the purple oxidizer in his bleaches but also in classic hair coloring when working with a level 8 to 9. The addition of Decolorvit Active Use allows a more customized result and a color that is a little more toned down with less heat and more control.
There is always a little bit of a warm undertone that comes out, so I will often mix the oxidizer with Reverso or with Colorevo.

       2. Decolorvit Scalp by Selective
I work a lot with scalp in our bleaches, it's my favorite for the quality of the hair.

With almost 90% of his clientele being blond, Alex needs a high performance bleach that will really maintain the quality of the hair. His favorite product was immediately the Scalp bleaching powder designed to respect the most sensitive scalps while offering up to 7 shades of bleach.
Alex's tip: Add Selective's Free Foil to each of your blends to thicken the texture and prevent the product from moving during application.

       3. No Yellow Blonde Hair by Selective

We've already introduced you to Selective's No Yellow Blonde Hair line, Alex has adopted it too! In addition to its soft and delicate scent, the shampoo neutralizes unwanted highlights while providing much more hydration than other anti-yellowing shampoos.
I choose Selective's No Yellow Blonde Hair line when I really want to maintain a shiny effect in the hair. I want to correct the highlight a bit, but without being too aggressive. And it keeps the hair soft and moisturized.

Once again, we would like to thank the salon La Scala for welcoming us and Alex for taking the time to talk with us. Feel free to discover his work on his social media @salonlascala and @alexhurtubisepro.

We look forward to seeing you shortly to discover the other portraits and maybe even create yours soon !

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