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Little tips and tricks to get the best hair photos

Little tips and tricks to get the best hair photos

As you already know, being a hairdresser consists of much more than transforming your clients’ hair. Nowadays, you need to be a marketing specialist, a photographer, a videographer etc. etc. The perfect picture will attract new customers because it accentuates your work and puts it on a pedestal. And although your work looks absolutely perfect in reality, sometimes the camera just does not give it justice. Done correctly, the perfect picture will put your salon on the map and eventually fill up your appointment book!

Which is why we came up with a list of steps for you to follow in order to achieve the perfect, voluminous, glowy hair look we see everywhere on Instagram! By following these five tricks, your pictures will compliment your work, and it will minimize the time spent on the social media aspect of the hairdressing profession. 


The Power of Lighting

The issue with many client photos is that they are taken right after the service is finished on the chair. Many salons do not have great natural lighting and sometimes the shadows add an unwanted effect to the hair color. 

This is why we recommend using natural, indirect lighting. By doing so, you will not alter the final product and the hair will look exactly the same as in person. 

The Background

The whole point of this is to have the hair as the spotlight of the image. Bear with us, the background really changes the whole perspective of the photo. Seeing products laying around, tools misplaced or when we can see the salon in the background brings the attention away from the focus of the photo - the hair!

Having a neutral background focuses the viewers’ attention on the actual hair. If you do not have a plain wall you can shoot a picture against, there is always the possibility of purchasing a backdrop - it’s a great investment if you are really into client photos!

Focus on the Hair

Most of your clients will not want their face to be all over social media. Once you get their permission to take a few pictures, make sure to remind them you're only focusing on the hair, not the face! Your clients will be most certainly relieved! 

The More the Better

Once your client has agreed to take pictures, take as many as you can! Do not stick with the same angle! Change your client’s posture, fix your angles and have fun with it! It’s always safer to take as many pictures as you can. Just make sure the hair is placed at the center of your photo, and shoot more than you think is enough!

Editing Your Pictures

We are in no way telling you to edit your client’s hair! You worked hard to achieve the final result, and your picture has to be true to it! We suggest editing the background - whitening the background. By doing so, the hair color really pops out and it will grasp the viewers’ attention. So, the actual color is not altered, but the lighting makes it stand out.

There you have it, five tricks to help you navigate the whole photography level of the hairdressing profession. Feel free to tag us on your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our platform!

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