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Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Winter 2020/2021

Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Winter 2020/2021

What will be the hair colors on all the heads in the upcoming months? This is the question that comes up with each season change! And we love searching the web for inspiration to define what will be the top 10 trendy colors for winter 2020/2021. We finally sign up pop and pastel colors, but we also always keep the seasonal classics that warm up the complexion when temperatures drop…

Here is our top 10!

1. Ash blonde

Blonde is cooler and the roots stay darker to add dimension to the hair! On curly hair, the finish is sublime!

2. Pastel pink

Popularized in spring, this hair color trend will continue to seduce by the end of the year! Blonder or more champagne, pink is the perfect match for all blondes!

pink hair

3. Copper

Like leaves that change color, we like to add a little warmth to our hair with red/copper highlights that warm the complexion and illuminate the face. Copper is one of the trends we like the most for the end of the year.

4. Chocolate Brown

For brunettes, we give a little light to the hair with chocolate highlights or a nice sweep! We love the effect on long hair!

5. Bright Color Roots

It's a a bit audacious hair trend that the singer Billy Ellish has popularized. And yet we keep seeing cooler or equally colorful versions on our Instagram feed!

6. Black

Black is a color that never goes out of fashion and continues to be one of the most requested colors. So, it is in our top 10!

7. Bronde

This blend of blond and brown is finally a good compromise to lighten or darken your hair and add dimension to the lengths.

8. Honey Blonde

Beyoncé remains the supreme example of a gorgeous warm blonde! This color will perfectly suit your customer who wants to keep a beautiful blonde but with less maintenance than cooler blondes.

9. Brown red

A few red reflections to allow the perfect fit for the brunette this season! To be arranged on the lengths or more on the tips for a more accentuated result.

10. Silver

The steel gray or white gray are infinitely variable! Already a trend in 2020, they will continue to be demanded at hairdressers! This cool color will be perfect for blondes. For brunettes, you can stretch the color on the tips and leave the roots darker!

And this is how we close our Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Winter 2020/2021! Which one is your favorite?

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