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Covering white hair: our pros tips

Covering white hair: our pros tips

Do you have a client who has just booked a color appointment? We bet it's for white hair regrowth! White hair is often hated by our clients who want to hide it at all costs. 

Did you know that white hair does not only appear when we get older but it is possible to have white hair from adolescence for genetic reasons! 

What if it was time for your clients to accept their gray hair? 

Some women have made the choice to assume their white hair and prove how natural beauty is the most beautiful! After all, that's what being a hairdresser is all about: advising our clients on the latest trends and helping them feel good about themselves!  



For all your other clients who still want to cover their white hair, we suggest Colorevo hair color from Selective Professional. 

Colorevo offers exceptional results with 100% coverage of white hair. Full-bodied, healthy hair thanks to the valuable ingredients that act at every stage of the coloring process.

Colorevo offers a highly personalized and customizable coloring concept with 121 available shades and a pleasant scent for both technician and client.


Here are some examples with ColorEvo:



And to continue camouflaging white hair betweentwo colorigns, here are some tips from the pros for an immediate result to repeat to your clients:

  • Use a coloring spray: a good solution for people who are in a hurry or between two new hairstyles. The coloring sprays are used like a dry shampoo, the principle is to deposit pigments at the root to cover the white hair. The product goes away after each shampoo.

  • Offer to lighten a few highlights to make white hair look less white! This is a tip your clients may not know, but the contrast of white hair appears less on blond hair than on darker hair. Suggest to your clients to go for a blonder color next time.

  • Last but not least, your clients can always tie their hair up in a way that makes it look less white, like with high ponytail or by using hair accessories, we recommend a headband or scarf that you could sell directly at your salon!

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