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The Pigments by Selective : A new experience in color

The Pigments by Selective : A new experience in color

Imagine vibrant color, healthier hair, extremely bright and incredibly soft.
Don't imagine, make it happen with Selective pigments!

A new experience in color  

7 pure pigments which enhance perfection. A fusion of illuminating and hydrating that goes beyond the laws of colorimetry.

The pigments are suitable for all hair types, both natural or colored, and allow you to create a multitude of colors and shades, correct undesired highlights, add light to a color, and exalt the shine between color services. 


3 ways to use pigments 

Pigments offer you a new color experience to let your creativity run wild and customize any color. We suggest 3 ways to use pigments to start:

  • With Color: use pigments in synergy with your color to intensify color deepness, to enrich highlights, to accentuate vibrance and shine, and to prolong hold.
  • With a hydrating treatment: use the pigments in synergy with a hydrating mask to create a pigmented mask. On colored hair, they correct unwanted effects, revive color and moisturize. On natural hair, they act as a "crazy color" while preserving the health of the hair. 
  • In neutralization: use the pigments in neutralization, like the violet pigment to neutralize yellow/golden highlights in your toner or treatment. 

The technology 

More than an experiment, pigments are also a revolutionary technology in the field of coloring. A technology developed within 3 axes:

  • Energy: A multiform complex that acts on three fundamental parameters of hair beauty: strength, elasticity and luminosity. Its exclusive composition films and protects the hair and strengthens it from inside. 
  • Color: The patented liquid technology allows for a more brilliant, vibrant and long-lasting color. Amplifies cosmetic coloring and leaves hair soft, nourished and extremely conditioned.
  • Moisture: Thanks to its moisturizing properties, the pigments help absorb moisture and deeply condition the hair, making it easy to style. 

7 pigments, infinite color

Selective's pigments come in 7 bottles of 80ml each for 7 different shades. Each pigment can be combined with other pigments to create a unique and personalized shade.

Golden: illuminates and harmonizes all lighter shades, intensifies golds and beiges and optimizes super blonde shades.

Copper: enhances all copper tones, intensifies and personalizes golds and reds. It also warms up natural tones and adds shine with slight copper highlights. 

Red: intensifies reds, coppers and purples. It warms up natural colors and gives dull hair warm highlights.

Violet: preserves and intensifies purples and mahogany. It also cools lighter tones and gives ashy colors by neutralizing warm highlights. 

Blue: ideal for customizing natural, ashy and beige colors. It also makes darker tones cooler by acting as a no orange care. 

Green: Increases cooler highlights in medium tones.

Gray: increases the ashy highlights of lighter shades and personalizes natural, ashy and beige shades.

The pigments revolution in the world of hairdressing has arrived.
Discover the magic of pigments in video with the capsule made by Selective.


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