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How to achieve the most beautiful blond?

How to achieve the most beautiful blond?

To continue our portrait series on the wonderful artists of the La Scala salon, we present to you the talented Karyne Despres Ratelle. Specialist in coloring, she shared with us her favorite techniques and products for creating the perfect hair balayage.

Karyne Despres Ratelle is a hairstylist at La Scala salon who notably specializes in blondes. With 24 years of experience in the world of hairdressing, she recognizes in this profession a real passion.

I have been in the hairdressing world for 24 years, I started at 19 years old after studying at the Gandini Academy in Montreal. I was here at La Scala on the very first day 21 years ago when we opened the salon in Rosemère.

It was when she met Alex at the young age of 17 who, at the time was cutting her hair, that Karyne fell in love with hairdressing. Despite her beginnings at La Scala, she also ventured to various places including her own at home salon where she worked for a decade.

I haven't always been here, I still wandered around a bit and worked from home for about ten years, but I came back to my real love, so at La Scala. It's been 5 years now.

Karyne tells us that her admiration and interest in the profession of hairdresser is first and foremost linked to the amazing relationships she has been able to create with her clients.

I have always loved to play with hair. I have always liked to create and then of course to listen to my clients because I believe that it ables me to creates good relationships with them. And then, of course, there is also always the satisfying side of having your client leave with a smile and having them feel confident. We are there to listen to them, we are there to make them beautiful, so it is always rewarding to have this bond of trust.

It is this very passion that led Karyne to seek the best products and to develop techniques that would allow her to achieve the most beautiful blond hair on her clients.

I really like working with blondes, but sometimes it can be a good challenge. The goal is to work, to achieve what you want, but always to always keep a good quality of hair, to keep the shine. When you work with good products and then you achieve the desired results, it is always rewarding. 

During our visit to the salon, Karyne gave us the honor of presenting us with her essential products for the realization of a balayage on her client.

Today for Mercedes, we decided to give it a little touch of blond for spring. So, I decided to work the highlights with the Scalp bleach powder which I really like because it is very gentle on the scalp. At the same time, when we work it, we have good control in the papers with the purple peroxide which helps to control the heat and the color. 

Karyne’s Tip: The Scalp bleaching powder can be worked well both in foil papers and in full bleaching

As you can see, Karyne is a huge fan of Selective's Decolorvit Scalp Bleaching Powder. This powder containing Xanthan gum and purple pigments gently lightens damaged hair while providing an emollient and protective action when applied to the scalp.

In combination, Karyne likes to use the powerful Decolorvit Active Use from the same line which, with its exclusive "anti-yellow pigment", makes it possible to obtain lighter results while protecting the components of the hair.

With these products, I can be sure to have a blonde at the exact level of color desired.

If you are also looking to try new technical products on your blonde clients, we invite you to discover the Selective Blonde Kit Reverso which will allow you to try out Karyne's two favorites.

Thank you to the La Scala salon team for their warm welcome and to the charming Karyne for sharing her story and for showing us the behind the scenes of her creation.

Do not hesitate to discover other creations of the salon on @salonlascala.

Looking forward to seeing you soon for the discovery of a new portrait!

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