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Maintening blond hair in summer

Maintening blond hair in summer

Summer is here which means that we must adapt our self-+care routine to the heat coming our way. When the sun is beaming we tend to spend a lot more time outside hanging out with friends and enjoying the season. That means we are exposed to the sun, pollution, sea salt, chlorine, and many other harmful substances. To appreciate the little heat and sun we get throughout the year without stress, we must adapt and alter our routine to benefit our health and to ensure our well-kept appearance. 

Our skin is affected by the harmful affects of free radicals found outside such as UV rays, air quality, pollution, salt or chlorine water, etc. The same goes for hair - yes hair! Our hair is as susceptible as our skin to damages caused by free radicals. Your hair color can change whether it is natural or not, it can dry up or build up sebum. Our hair is not immune to the damage caused by summer temperatures which is why we must take care of it to maintain its health. 

Bleached blond hair tends to be the type of hair that is the most affected during the hotter season. Bleached hair is already fragile and is prone to breakage and yellowing during summer activities. So, the proper routine is essential to maintain and revive a beautiful blonde. Here are a few products to add behind your sink and to propose to your clientele to maintain the beauty and health of bleached blonde hair during the summer!

How to Fix Yellow Tones

The first thing your customers will realize is that their bleached blonde hair is turning yellow. Mainly, yellowing is caused by the minerals and the metals found in tap water. But, during the summer, pollution, chlorine and smoke add themselves into the equation. Yellow tones appear faster during the summer depending on your activities. Strolling in the city and then jumping in a chlorine pool can spead up the yellowing process. Luckily, there are products made to cancel out those yellow tones. You can add these to your sink routine to quickly revive your client’s blonde hair and to neutralize any yellow tones.

The No Yellow line by Selective will definitely be your sidekick for this mission. What sets No Yellow apart from other similar products in the market is its ability to neutralize yellow hair without depositing any purple pigment that alters the color. This innovative approach ensures that hair color remains intact while effectively removing yellow tones. 

The No Yellow Shampoo stands out for its remarkable hydrating properties. With its unique formulation, this shampoo adds body to the hair, protects the hair fiber, and improves strength, elasticity, and shine. It ensures that not only are yellow tones neutralized but also the overall health and appearance of the hair are enhanced.

To further fortify and shield the hair, the conditioner incorporates a protein complex. This complex actively revitalizes and protects the hair fiber, enhancing its strength, resilience, and shine. Also, the addition of vitamin E ensures that the hair and scalp are shielded from excessive heat and dryness, while also facilitating the brushing routine.

The last product in the No Yellow routine is the neutralizing spray. Enriched with panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, it hydrates and elastisizes the hair preventing dryness and brittleness. It also improves the hair's overall texture and appearance. It is perfect to use as a detangler after your client’s hair is washed. It’s compact packaging makes it the perfect product to pack with you during your summer excursions. 

So, this summer, bid farewell to yellowing hair dilemmas with the No Yellow line, the go-to solution that keeps blonde hair vibrant, fresh, and free from unwanted yellow tones.

How to Fix Dullness 

Another common issue that bleached hair may encounter during summer is the lost of shine and radiance. This happens because of many factors, mainly the intense rays of the sun and the chlorine or salt found in water. Over time and exposure beautiful blonde hair kind of becomes dull and loses its vibrancy. Luckily, we have the perfect line that you can add to your sink station or that you can introduce to your customers in need of a hair boost. 

The Sublime Pearl line has been developed to restore the brilliance of bleached blonde hair. Sublime Pearl leaves the hair shiny and full of body. The active ingredients in this range include pearl extract, which provides protection, youthfulness, and extraordinary shine to the hair, as well as mineral elements that help restore the hair's proper balance, resulting in a smoother, more compact, and hydrated look. 

There is no purple pigment in the product so it does not offer any neutralization. However, it gives shine to dull blonde hair and elevates any look. After only one use, your customers will definetely see a difference in the shine of their blonde streaks. For the complete blonde rejuvenation, we recommend using the shampoo paired with the balm and the leave-in spray. They work together perfectly to restore hair that have lost their healthy-looking shine due to sun exposure, chlorine and salt water.

How to Protect Hair During Summer

We went over ways to maintain blonde hair color. Now let’s go over ways that we can protect the integrity of our hair from free radicals. As we mentioned before, UV rays, chlorine, salt, seawater, air quality, and pollution all play a role in the color of our hair, but also in its health. Although, we mentioned that blonde hair is especially prone to brittleness and breakage, so extra care must be taken. The Tropical Sublime line is the ultimate solution for blonde hair during the summer weather. The active ingredients possess exceptional regenerative and emollient properties, making them perfect for restoring the necessary hydration and nutrition that your hair needs, even under the sun, on the beach, and in contact with saltwater and chlorine.

The shampoo, included in this kit, is designed to cleanse both your hair and skin that are exposed to the sun, sea, salt, and chlorine. It ensures that your hair remains clean, fresh, and vibrant throughout your summer adventures. The mask is a regenerating treatment specifically formulated for hair damaged by the harsh free radicals, such as the sun, saltwater, and chlorine. It deeply nourishes and repairs your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.

To further enhance the protection and regeneration of your blonde hair, the kit also includes a hydrating oil. This protective and regenerating spray oil is specially designed for sun-damaged hair. It can be used as a finishing treatment to add shine and smoothness, or as a protective spray to shield your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. The Tropical Sublime kit provides all the essential products you need to keep your blonde hair looking its best during the summer.

With the Tropical Sublime kit, you can offer your customers the confidence to take advantage of the hot weather without fear of damaging their hair. 

How to Surivive the Humidity

Summer means hot weather which also means excruciating high levels of humidity. Even those who are not prone to frizz may experience it during the summer months. Heavy frizzed-up hair can make it look damaged or brittle, especially when blonde. Imagine, you spend hours working on the most perfect blonde just for it to frizz out the second your customer walks out the door. So, what do we do about the frizziness caused by humidity during summer?

This is where the Alpha Keratin Anti-Humidity spray comes into play. This product is the perfect solution to maintain a beautiful head of hair when dealing with humidity. The anti-humidity spray is specifically formulated to control hair and combat the frizz and unruliness that accompany humidity. 

The key ingredient in this product is andiroba oil, which is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. This oil acts as an emollient, providing moisture to the hair fiber and leaving it softer, more hydrated, and easier to style. It helps to combat the dryness and frizziness that can occur in hot and humid weather, ensuring that your hair looks sleek and well-groomed. This is why it is important to keep this product close to your stgation. You can quickly give a anti-humidity treatment tro your customers so they can walk out feeling and looking as amazing as in your salon. 

So there you have it! The complete guide to maintaining beautiful bleached blonde hair during summer. You can add any of those to your sink station or propose them to your customers for at-home maintenance. In any circumstance, your bleached blonde hair babes will thank you for it. 

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