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Meet Alessanda : Hair color specialist

Meet Alessanda : Hair color specialist

We love getting to know our members and value the stories each and every one of you share with us. This portrait series follows the different journeys and stories of the many beloved hairdressing professionals. We treasure getting to know the different ambitions and motivations that drive your passion for the beauty world. By doing these portraits, we collect information about the differing needs of each of our customers to understand how we can improve the services and products we offer to fit your needs.

Hairdressers all have different histories, specialties and identities and getting to know them is enlightening. We hope to shed light on the multiple unique talents of local hair salons. By supporting our local hair artists, we support the dreams of people coming from different backgrounds. And by getting to know them, we enrich our understanding of those who stand in the heart of our community. 

We will be continuing this series with the portrait of Alessandra, an employee at Via Estetica for 13 years now, a salon in Saint-Léonard that we mentioned in our previous portrait. Via Esthetica is the first and only salon where Alessandra has worked since the beginning of her career. Her father, Joe Modica who we introduced last time, is the owner of the hair and beauty salon. Although she has a different story from her father, we cannot go over the fact that the passion for the hairdressing world was passed down to her. She started her classes when she was experimenting with her hobbies, and this one stuck. 

“I was drawn by hairdressing not by my father, but more because of my desire to get out of my comfort zone. I am very shy, and this profession has permitted me to get out of my box and discover the artistic side of myself, which is something that comes from my dad.”

Alessandra followed some classes after she turned 18 years old because that was when she started going out and experimenting new hairstyles on herself. She quickly discovered that she had an ease when it came to styling her hair and enjoyed doing so. 

“I decided to take up some classes on a whim when I turned 18 because I started going out with my friends and discovered that I liked it. Once I started, my love for the profession grew, and I decided to stick with it.”

Alessandra made it clear that her decision to step into the hairdressing world was purely her own decision made on a whim. She even expressed that as a young girl, she was not attracted to the long hours she saw her father do, something we can all relate to!

“I never really came into my father’s hair salon when I was younger. I saw the crazy hours that my dad did and nothing about that attracted me. But now, I would never change my decision. Choosing this profession was really the best decision I have ever made.”

When talking to Alessandra, it is clear that she is passionate about her work. One thing she cherishes is the personal growth she acquired while working in the salon. She thanks her customers for their loyalty which helped her gain confidence in herself.

“My clientele and their loyalty means the world to me. That is what made me advance in my career. I work in a family-owned business and in some way, the customers became friends, even family. They are what pushes me to continue to learn. They are what gives me confidence in myself.”

While we were there, we asked Alessandra about her favorite products to use. She explained that she adores the Colorevo hair color line by Selective because they achieve the exact look she desires. Colorevo, which is available on our website, is perfect for all hair types as it respects the integrity of the hair. It ensures healthy hair during the coloring process and gives beautiful glossy results. Alessandra does a lot of reds and coppers and is impressed with the results achieved with Colorevo.

“I am very pleased with the range of color selection offered by Colorevo. I work a lot with this hair color line and do a lot of coppers and reds. These colors need to last a long time, and tend to slip off with the other brands I tried. I never had any issues with the durability of Colorevo’s colors which is one of the reasons I use it on every client. I also really love how it completely covers the hair. When my customers come back after a few weeks, the pigments are still there and the color did not move. The ash tones are incredible also, they cut all the undesired tones.”

When asked about which care products were her go-to, there was absolutely no hesitation. She always turns to her trusted products from the OnCare line, Daily and Color Block. Their new product visual is attracting both to her and to her customers and she is always pleased with the results. What is great about the Oncare line is that each individual sub-category is adapted to specific hair needs. This way, you can offer a unique experience for every customer that walks through the salon door. 

“I always work with the Oncare Daily and the OnCare Color Block. I just fell in love with the product’s visual before I even tried them. But what made me love them more is the texture they give to the hair. They become supple and easy to work with during the brushings.”

We also took the time to ask Alessandra about her trends forecast. Reds and coppers and coming back in style, and we are all excited about it. But she suggests that they are coming back with a twist.

“I am already seeing a big comeback for copper hair colors. Real coppers like 7.34 and 6.43 for summer. The thing I am mostly excited about is that they are coming back with blonde highlights to give a more natural look. Also, although the balayage is never going away, I have noticed that customers look for more natural and ashy tones rather than the white/blonde look. The more natural it looks, the easier the maintenance.”

We are more than happy to have met Alessandra from Via Esthetica. She was a pleasure to get to know! We appreciate the opportunity to share her passion for her line of work with the Boutique 8084 community. To get to know the salon for yourself, you may look them up on social media @viaestheticacoiffure

We look forward to the next portrait of one of Montreal’s local hairdressers. If you or your salon are interested in spending a day with us and getting to know each other, you may reach us by email at We would be more than happy to get to know your unique story within the hairdressing industry.
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