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OnCare Gets a Makeover

OnCare Gets a Makeover

Your favorites are still here! They just went through a little makeover to make them even more effective. What if we told you that the OnCare collection still has the same active principles as before combined with plenty of new ones? You would not believe it right? But it is true! Meet the new and improved OnCare line that has now more than double the active principles as its previous branding. 

OnCare Daily 

The beloved staple for people who need a hydration boost in their hair care routine. The previous On Care Daily collection had Panthenol (which helps seal the cuticles to lock in moisture and smooth the hair over all) and Glycerin (known for the moisture it brings to the hair and its breakage prevention action). The new version offers these two essential ingredients as well as Pequi oil (rich in antioxidants it gives elasticity, reduces frizz and adds shine to the hair), Jojoba oil (Its specific molecular structure, similar to the sebum naturally secreted by the scalp, allows it to provide exceptional nutrition, hydration and softness to the hair), and Avocado oil (extremely nourishing and capable of moisturizing the scalp and hair). The OnCare Daily collection offers the best quality ingredients for the driest of hair.

OnCare Color Block

The cherished Color Block line is still here and it is better than ever. The former formula contained Wasabi roots (stimulates hair-formation cells), Ceramides complex (maintains structure and hydration), Wheat (encourages strength and elasticity) and Rice protein (increased hair volume, better hair shine and appearance), and Keratin Amino Acids ( helps protect hair from harsh salon processes). The new formula contains all of this goodness with the addition of Tsubaki oil (highly antioxidant action which provides protection, luminosity and instant conditioning), Vitaminized Wild Berries (excellent antioxidants, act as organic catalysts and are rich in bio-regenerating actives), and Vibrariche and its liquid technology (A patented complex that adds shine and makes color last longer, being more vibrant over time). There you have it! The OnCare Color Block collection is even more powerful than before as it makes the hair color last longer, and it nourishes the hair after a salon service. A great product to have by your sink station. 

OnCare Refill

The perfect line for hair that needs volume, especially recommended for thin hair. The previous formula contained only Hyaluronic Acid (helps your hair follicles lock in moisture, banishes frizz, and adds volume), Marine Collagen (repairs and keeps the hair stronger as it begins to thin and weaken over time), and Keratin Amino Acids ( It increases hair strength, enhances elasticity, helps protect hair from harsh salon processes). The new and improved version has all these precious active principles with the added plus of Linseed oil (provides elasticity thanks to Omega 3 fatty acids, which moisturizes and strengthens the hair) along with Hemp and Rice Phytokeratin (Rich in nourishing substances, they fill the hair structure, improve elasticity and help repair fragile hair). The new and improved OnCare Refill collection is packed with active principles that deeply hydrate the hair without weighing it down!

OnCare Smooth

Formerly known as Oncare Extra Care, the Smooth line is ideal for long and brittled hair.  Sometimes lengths are stressed by styling and environmental factors, becoming dry, dull and unruly. OnCare Smooth products are perfect for protecting hair lengths without resorting to clean cuts. It contains Jojoba oil (protection against dryness Oligoelement ?, breakage, and split ends), Vitamin E (natural antioxidant effects that assists with maintaining hair growth), Omega 3 (promotes circulation in the scalp that triggers hair growth), Ceramides Complex (conditioning agent, locking nutrients), and Oligoelements. The new Smooth line has these 5 active principles with the addition of Coconut oil (rich in essential amino acids, antioxidant enzymes and phytonutrients), Avocado oil (extremely nourishing and capable of moisturizing the scalp and hair strands)

OnCare Repair

The Repair products are a brand new addition to the OnCare line. Particularly interesting for sensitive, damaged or brittle hair, it provides moisture and deep reparative action. The Repair collection contains Shea butter which is rich in fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins A and E. It is a true beauty partner. It gives strength thanks to its repairing, protective, nourishing, elasticizing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. There is also a compelling union of Green Tea and Camellia which, thanks to their natural properties, bring hydration, shine and softness to the hair, preventing split ends and promoting hair growth. Finally, the Hydrolyzed Plant Proteins, derived from wheat and rice, have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, reconstituting the hair structure and restoring its strength and vitality. 

There you have it! The OnCare collection is now complete and even more effective than before thanks to the increased performance of its formulas. You can easily find a range that responds to your clientele’s needs all at the same place! A little bonus - we have prepared launch kits at special prices for you to try out the new and improved OnCare products! Let us know what you think, but we already know you’ll absolutely love it!

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