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Discover Joe MODICA : Specialist in hair styling

Discover Joe MODICA : Specialist in hair styling

It has been a while since we have done a portrait on one of our beloved customers. We love to get to know our members and understanding their story is so enriching. This series shows the different backgrounds of many hairdressing professionals and the motivations for the line of work they do. The portraits we gather help us understand the diverse and unique needs of each and every individual that trust our services. 

 Hairdressers all have different histories, specialties and identities and getting to know them is enlightening. We hope to shed light on the multiple unique talents of Montreal’s local hair salons. By supporting our local hair artists, we support the dreams of people coming from different backgrounds. And by getting to know them, we enrich our understanding of those who stand in the heart of Montreal.

We continue this series with the portrait of Joe Modica, the owner of Via Estetica, a cute and trendy hair salon in Saint-Léonard. Joe opened Via Estetica 22 years ago, but the passion for hair developed a long time before then. His passion stems from his family which has many hairdressers. He grew up in Italy and spent a lot of time in the hair salons of his family members. By age seven, Joe knew he wanted to become a hairdresser. There was no doubt in mind that this was the path for him. 

"I was a 7 year old kid in Italy when I decided I was going to be a hairdresser. In my family there are 7 or 8 hairdressers, so I spent a lot of time in salons when I was younger. My aunts and some cousins are still in the business, so I grew up in that world." 

Joe never went to beauty school, but he gained a lot of knowledge in hair salons. He attended some seminars, but most of his expertise comes from experience he gained working in the field. Passion can go a long way. When you love what you do, there is no stopping you from developing expertise. Joe got a job in a friend’s hair salon when he moved to Montreal from Italy. 

"When I arrived in Montreal from Italy in 1983-84, I had a friend who had a hair salon on Saint-Michel Boulevard. I worked with him and he taught me much of what I know about hairdressing."

Although Joe likes any aspect of the profession, he masters hair cuts and brushings. He follows trends and is more than pleased when a customer wants a big change. He defines hair trends like any fashion trends. They come and go, but a good hairstylist must always stay up to date with current trends and styles. This way, your technique is always fresh, and you never stop learning. A hairdresser is in constant evolution; you learn something new every day, and Joe is the perfect example. 

"I like to make changes for my clients. I like it when they come with the desire to make a big change and to realize it for them. You need to be up to date with new trends to make sure you understand their needs."

 Joe spent a little bit of time talking to us about his favourite go-to products from our boutique. He elaborated on his love for Colorevo, an Italian hair coloration offered on our website. He fell in love with this line of hair color for its quality, ease of use, and shine. Colorevo offers a 100% white hair coverage and respects the integrity of even the most delicate hairs. The ingredient blend is also gentle on fragile scalps and ensures the health of the lengths during the coloring process.

"I love the texture, it is easy to work with and to apply. I really love the shine of the color and the coverage is impeccable. Out of everything, the brilliance of the hair after the coloration is really what made me fall in love with Colorevo."

Although Joe loves changes, one thing that will never change is his love for two Artistic Flair care products. His go-to for every customer is the Due Phasette, a spray that adds shine, detangles, and eliminates frizz. It is a spray on leave-in conditioner which is perfect for all hair types. 

"I use it before any brushing or cuts. It facilitates the process and the conditioning effect is immediate."

The other product beloved by Joe is the Artistic Flair Hair Cream. Perfect for all hair types, it deeply mositurizes the hair. The whole staff at Via Estetica uses the hair cream, and it can always be found at the sink station. The Artistic Flair Hair Cream eliminates frizz and is perfect to use before styling. The hair becomes more supple thanks to the hydration and makes brushings that much easier. 

Finally, Via Estetica is a family hair salon. Joe has the privilege of working alongside his daughter, Alessandra, who shares the same hairdressing passion as her father. 

"We have been working together for 12 or 13 years now. When we work together, we are almost doing a choreography. We do not even need to talk to know what the other person will do. She has taught me a lot. I did not go to school and I am still learning. I make mistakes like everyone, but I learn from those mistakes. That is how we learn, by making mistakes."

Via Estetica is a homey hair salon. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with Joe and to get to know him and his passion. To get to know the salon for yourself, you may look them up on social media @viaesteticacoiffure

We look forward to introducing you to Joe’s daughter, Alessandra in the next portrait. If you or your salon are interested in spending a day with us and getting to know each other, you may reach us by email at We would be more than happy to get to know your unique story within the hairdressing industry.

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