CULT.O Concentrate Actives

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Discover the unique and original CULT.O experience in the hair salon!

CULT.O allows you to celebrate the art of personalization, with a customized treatment, dedicated to each client.

The personalization of the treatment, the cornerstone of CULT.O concept, is achieved through a series of concentrate actives, chosen for their effectiveness, stability and purity. They can be mixed together or added to the basic formulations to create and reinforce the desired result.

Active formulations that meet 7 specific needs for the well-being and beauty of the hair. Developed with few specific ingredients chosen for their obvious effectiveness and purity. By mixing on the palm of your hand 3 pumps of the active concentrate with a dime size amount of the selected product. Ultra-concentrated, they guarantee you the desired result!

N°1 Active HYDRATING - for dry and dehydrated hair: Its action stands out by the presence of biofunctional principles, like polymers and polysaccharides, with the function to create a film on the hair able to retain hydration given from hyaluronic acid.

N°2 Active CONTROL - for frizzy and damaged hair: Helps to lower positive electric charge in the hair by reducing the electrostatic effect in order to avoid frizzy hair. The presence of free sugars and polyphenols deeply moisturizes hair to avoid tangling and giving softness.

N°3 Active VOLUME - for thin and thinning hair: Gives body inside and outside of hair curing controlled allows to combine the effect of proteins with the cationic monomer in order to have an effect volume.

N°4 Active PROTECTION - for color-treated hair: The technology of its formula is designed to protect the hair from external aggressions, make the color brighter and shiner.

N°5 Active REPAIR - for treated and damaged hair: Contains a series of botanical peptides with a molecular weight as to penetrate deep in the root and fill the hair shaft, giving texture to hair and a healthy aspect.

N°6 Active PURIFYING - for scalp problemsFormulated with essential oils of mint, rosemary and sage that have an effective antifungal power and a powerful soothing and purifying action on the scalp. It rebalances the skin, regulates the excessive production of sebum and reduces excessive desquamation due to dandruff.

N°7 Active ENERGIZING - to stimulates the micro-circulation for hair regrowth:  The synergy of natural extracts such as Argentine cedar and capsicum acid, stimulate the microcirculation of the hair bulb, inducing local vasodilatation that restores the ideal environment for hair regrowth and its physiological well-being. 

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