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How to Bring Very Damaged Hair Back to Life ?

How to Bring Very Damaged Hair Back to Life ?

Damaged hair is a common problem for people who dye their hair or use heated styling tools regularly. Damaged hair is very brittle, and it needs to be handled with care. There are effective treatments for damaged hair, as well as gentle shampoos, conditioners, and masks to make your hair healthy again. 

Selective's Risana treatment is a powerful professional program to reconstruct brittle and damaged hair.

RISANA repairs hair, making it stronger and leaving it looking glossy !
It works in just 
3-5 minutes on all types of hair that need to be repaired, it improves the hydration and elasticity of hair thanks to snail slime extract, and it guarantees elasticitycompactness and hydration to the hair.

4 powerful ingredients dedicated to damaged hair

  • SNAIL SLIME EXTRACT: with regenerating, revitalizing and re-plumping action, leaves hair feeling light
  • KERATIN: creates a film coating hair and strengthening it
  • GLYCERIN: guarantees intense hydration and elasticity
  • WHEAT EXTRACTS: with repairing, protective, restructuring and strengthening action

Follow these steps to help your hair regain its natural protein balance.

      • Apply Risana Reconstructive Shampoo on damp hair to gently remove hair impurities and prepare it for the reconstruction treatment. A delicate shampoo specially designed for damaged and stressed hair. Infused with snail slime extract, it deeply nourishes the hair fiber and gives it a great body.
      • After shampooing, apply Risana Instant Two-Component Restructuring Mask, an instant two-component restructuring masks specially designed for damaged and stressed hair. Nourishes and restructures hair without weighing it down, for visibility glossier, healthy, and compact appearance. It hydrates and improves the appearance of brittle and damaged hair fiber.

        To use: Mix the contents of RISANA 1 with RISANA 2 in a bowl and combine well to obtain a compact and uniform cream. Apply using the special brush all over the hair and lengths. Leave in for  1 to 5 minutes, depending on the hair type, then rinse and style as required.
      • Apply Risana Instant Restructuring Spray, a no-rinse, two-phase spray for damaged and stressed hair with an instant restructuring effect. Infused with snail slime it nourishes hair, makes it easier to detangle, and gives great body and shine.


RISANA is a real boost for hair health and beauty.

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