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How to Maintain Your Bright Hair Color Over Time ?

How to Maintain Your Bright Hair Color Over Time ?

Color-treated hair requires special attention and daily maintenance. To avoid color fading and keep it brilliant, it is important to select the right hair care routine with a good selection of professional products. Selective's On Care Color Block products are designed to help maintain a bright and vibrant hair color over time.

Prevent your hair colour from fading

The On Care Color Block from Selective has been developed to complement and perfect hair coloring. These products contain active ingredients, dedicated to your hair, that stabilize the coloring micro-pigments within hair to preserve the color intensity. In addition to complementing your color, these products ensure long-lasting color with an effective anti-fading action.

Keep your hair healthy and hydrated

Selective's On Care Color Block products are enriched with wasabi root for its protective and anti-oxidant action. The products also contain rice amino acids, which leaves hair shiny, full of life and well protected thanks to the deeply nourishing action.The combination of these specials ingredients helps to moisturize your hair and keep it in good health.

These two active ingredients provide hydration to hair, restoring softness and manageability.

Color is more likely to fade if your hair is dry, damaged, or porous, so it’s essential to thoroughly hydrate after getting it colored. Using professional products as Selective's On Care Color Block line will help you to take care of your colored hair!

Selective's On Care Color Block range works two ways: it provides daily color protection and complete hydration for your hair. It's a great choice to help your color last longer!

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