Tips and Tricks to Keep your Hair Hydrated

Do you dream of having soft and shiny hair? Do you complain about having dry and brittle hair? It's time to take care of your hair and make some changes in your daily routine. The Boutique 8084 team is about to reveal some tips and tricks and a selection of products to help you keep or restore soft and silky hair.

Tip 1 : Wash your hair thoroughly  

Washing your hair is the first step to having soft and silky hair. Using a shampoo adapted to your type of hair is essential. For dry hair, it’s best to use a hydrating shampoo enriched with nourishing ingredients such as vegetable oils. Be careful not to use too much shampoo. Generally, a drop of product the size of a hazelnut is enough to wash your entire head. When shampooing, focus on the upper level of your head rather than the lengths of your hair. That way, you’ll protect it from possible damage. Rub your scalp deeply and gently. You can enjoy this moment of relaxation by massaging your head with the tips of your fingers.

Don’t forget your neck and the back of your ears, where we tend to find an accumulation of sebum. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so get into the habit of untangling it before going under the shower to help keep it healthy.

Tip 2 : Finish with a quality conditioner

Unlike shampoo, which cleans your hair and rids it of sebum accumulation, conditioner uses active ingredients to nourish your hair. Conditioner should be applied along the lengths of your hair and on the ends, not directly on your scalp. Apply conditioner after having washed your hair and leave it on for a minimum of three minutes. Using products that are too aggressive or washing your head too frequently can cause damage. To help preserve your hair’s vitality, it’s preferable to wash it every two or three days.

Tip 3 : Hydrate your hair with the right treatments

Your body needs water every day to function correctly and remain well hydrated. The same goes for your hair: It needs to be taken care of and nourished properly. Hair that becomes dry and damaged needs special care, like a hair treatment that helps restore and maintain healthy hair. A mask can help moisturize, nourish, and repair your hair, and can be used for a variety of particular needs. You don’t need to use a mask every day; once a week is usually enough to start seeing results. You also don’t need to leave the product on for a whole afternoon or to wrap your head with a towel for it to act.

The benefits of a mask will be noticeable if you leave it on for as little as 5 minutes after you shampoo. If you want your mask to be the most effective, start with the ends of your hair (where you need the most hydration). Then, slowly work the mask up towards your scalp using your hands.

Tip 4 : Finish your routine with a serum

A serum can be applied to your hair every day. You can focus on the ends, using just a few drops on wet or dry hair, or apply it to all of your hair to make it easier to brush and untangle. Be careful not to apply it directly to the top of your head, as it’s likely to make your scalp too oily. Serums are made for the lengths of your hair.

Our selection of products for hydrated hair:   

Our favourite line for dry hair is Fanola's Nutri Care, which promises to keep your hair deeply moisturized and leave it soft and shiny. These products are enriched with milk protein, aloe vera, and linseed oil: ingredients that will nourish your hair and give it more volume and vitality. Bonus: All of these products have a pleasant scent of vanilla.

In this range of products, you’ll find a restructuring shampoo that works perfectly to restore dry or damaged hair.

Fanola also offers a restructuring mask to help nourish your hair. If you want to treat your hair, it’s definitely a product to have in your collection.

The Nutri Care serum is made with aloe vera and linseed oil, which will protect your hair and add a silky and soft touch.

Elsewhere on the market, you’ll find lots of products and home treatments to help you in your quest for soft and silky hair, but make sure not to overlook your choice of products or brands.

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