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Risana by Ricardo Leal

Risana by Ricardo Leal

We recently started a series on the wonderful and talented artists at Salon La Scala, and today, we are presenting Ricardo Leal. As an assistant hair colorist, he gave us the honour of telling us about his journey as well as presenting one of his favourite Selective hair care products. 

About 10 years ago, Ricardo, then new to the hairstyling world, made acquaintance with La Scala owners, Martin Comeau and Alex Hurtubise. Through his welcoming, easy-going, and attentive nature, they saw in Ricardo an amazing potential as a hairdresser. Martin and Alex then began training him more extensively on all the ins and outs of hairstyling and coloring. They then travelled together around the world to attend various hairdressing events where Ricardo was able to acquire insightful hairdressing knowledge and techniques.

What I like a lot about hairdressing is the technique, as you see the application, the color, the sweeps, I like it a lot. Also, I'm very creative so as I mentioned to you before, when we were doing international shows, I was able to give a lot of ideas for the realization of the projects.

Passionate about his work and his clients, Ricardo strives every day to offer the best possible results to his clients for beautiful hair that is always healthy. Like his colleagues, Ricardo had the opportunity to try a multitude of different products, but it was the Risana treatment from Selective that made the difference according to him.


So why do I like Risana?  Because it is a treatment that is done at the sink quite quickly and the result is very immediate.

As you may already know, we have previously mentioned Risana’s amazing benefits in a prior blog post. As for Ricardo, he loves to use this amazing restructuring treatment to help repair and improve the hydration and elasticity of his client's hair and has kindly shared with us his 3-step application process. If you are also on the lookout for new repairing treatments to try on your clientele, read on. 

This morning we are with our regular client who comes twice a week to get her hair done and once a month to enhance her color with Selective. Today we are going to use the Risana treatment, an express treatment that we will perform here at the sink to protect the integrity of the hair, hydration and shine.



Step 1: The shampoo

To begin the treatment, Ricardo uses Risana’s SLES-free delicate and restructuring shampoo that is specifically designed to nourish damaged and stressed hair. This fully preps and hydrates the hair for the following steps. 

Riccardo's tip: Shampoo the hair twice before applying the treatment!

Step 2: The treatment application

After washing the hair, Ricardo then mixes the mask’s two components that provide the hair with necessary hydration without weighing it down. This leaves the hair looking visibly glossier and healthier. 

Once we have properly dried out the hair’s excess water, we can move on to applying the treatment. So honestly it is a treatment that is very easy to apply from root to tip but we have to make sure to really saturate the hair. Once we have applied all the treatment on the entire head, we will simply comb through to make sure that we have distributed the entire product. The advantage of this product is that we don't need the heat, so we just wait 5 minutes here at the sink or at the chair. Thereafter we will simply rinse and apply the last product for styling.


Step 3: The leave-in mask application

The third and final step to Risana’s Damaged Hair treatment is the no-rinse, two-phase spray for damaged hair infused with snail slime great great body and shine.

Once we have rinsed off the client’s treatment, we simply finish off with the leave-in mask spray on wet hair before starting the styling. So, we will apply abundantly all over the hair. It's like the final touch of the Risana treatment.

A simple and fast treatment that offers a noticeable  before/after from the very first application. You can find the entire Risana treatment, the discovery kit or the products’ professional format and resale format on our site.

As usual, we thank the lovely La Scala salon personnel for their warm welcome, and Riccardo for allowing us the time to chat with us. 

Feel free to discover his work on his social media @salonlascala and @hair_ricardo_leal

We look forward to seeing you shortly to discover possible upcoming portraits!

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