Decolorvit Eraser - Colour Remover Cream 250 gr

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The creamy texture of this colour remover allows you to apply the eraser on the desired areas of your hair to gently eliminate any oxidation and direct colours, depending on the length of time used on application it can remove it either completely or partially!

Ammonia Free.

How to use:

  • Gently massage the external product packaging to blend the content inside.
  • In a non-metallic container, mix together 1 part of DECOLORVIT ERASER + 1 part of Active Use [10 volumes (3%) or 20 volumes (6%) depending on the starting base].
  • Mix the cream thoroughly using a brush or a spatula to obtain a uniform consistency.
  • Apply immediately to dry-unwashed hair.
  • Wait until the desired effect is achieved (10 to 20 minutes).
  • When the desired effect is achieved, rinse thoroughly with water, eliminating any residue, and shampoo lightly.

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