NYO No Yellow Hair Color - 120ml

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Discover the new NYO No Yellow color line by Faipa! A line of highly professional products for beauty salons; formulated with innovative technology that helps to protect and maintain the structure of the hair during the lightening process. NYO is a full line of products for people who completely desire to change their look, following fashion trends with fantasy colours. NYO No Yellow color line is low ammonia content and free of annoying inhalations.

NYO No Yellow Hair Color offers to professional hairdressers:

  • 4 grey colors permanent tones - Mix 1+1

  • 3 superligtherners - Mix 1+2

  • 1 booster - Mix 1+2

NYO No Yellow Hair Color is formulated with Gigawhite, an organic solution 100% of natural origin, obtained from the solution of 7 vegetable extracts of Alpine plants that enhance the anti-yellow/anti-orange effect of the blue pigment, increasing shine and brightness of bleached and white hair. These plants are known for their whitening and brightening properties:

  • Mallow

  • Lady’s mantle

  • Balm mint

  • Peppermint

  • Speedwell herb

  • Yarrow

  • Primula

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