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Selective Booster Sublime - 3x25 ml

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Discover the Sublime booster specially designed to be combined with the different Sublime ranges.

Three solutions to be combined with the Sublime range depending on the type of hair to be treated, for even more sensational results.

3 concentrated treatments to intensify the action and effectiveness of CAVIAR, HEMP and PEARL SUBLIME treatments.


Characteristics of the Sublime boosters:

  • PLUS NOURISHING to provide extreme hydration to the hair
  • RESTRUCTURING for an intensive restructuring action
  • ANTI-AGE to give extreme vitality to the hair


The boosters:

1 -Anti age: Highly concentrated in collagen and hyaluronic acid, it provides volume, density and an intensive anti-aging action to the hair.

Active ingredients:

  • COLLAGEN: Thanks to its sealing action, it has an intensive moisturizing power. It fills the hair from the inside, with an immediate filling effect. The hair is regenerated, full-bodied and elastic.
  • HYALURONIC ACID: restores the hair's hydration, with immediate results in terms of both beauty and firmness.



2-Hydration: The high concentration of mineral salts and vitamins develops a moisturizing and intensive action, giving the hair softness, shine and vitality.

Active ingredients:

  • MINERAL SALTS: they reintegrate the natural substances present, promote bulbar-piliferous fortification and strengthen the hair structure.
  • VITAMIN E: with a moisturizing and restructuring action, they provide body and shine, revitalizing the hair.


3-Repair: Formulated with a high concentration of proteins and keratin, it develops an intensive restructuring action, repairing and regenerating particularly weakened hair structures.

Active ingredients:

  • PROTEINS penetrate deep into the hair, rebuild damaged hair structures, strengthening them from within
  • KERATINE with regenerative, restructuring and moisturizing properties, for healthier and shinier hair.


How to use:

Add 2ml for 10g of Ultimate Luxury Treatment and follow the directions of the product it is mixed with.

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