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Selective Curllover Shampoo

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Discover Selective Professional's Curl Lover Shampoo specially designed for curly and wavy hair.

Curl Lover Shampoo gently cleanses and defines all types of curls, eliminating frizz. It provides extreme moisture and shine, leaving hair soft and light without weighing it down.

Enriched with flax and chia seeds, it immediately gives a radiant effect and regenerates curly, frizzy, dry, damaged and dull hair.


Active ingredients:

Flaxseed: regenerates curly, frizzy, dry, damaged and dull hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

CHIA SEEDS: protect against dehydration and preserve the hair's natural moisture.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL AGENTS: with conditioning, film-forming and volumizing properties.

FLEXIBLE POLYMERS: provide energy, support and lasting volume.


Characteristics of the Curl Lover range:

  • VOLUME: provides maximum volume
  • NUTRITION: provides great nutrition and an anti-frizz effect
  • DEFINITION: reactivates the natural shape of curls for a more controlled result
  • ELASTICITY: makes hair more flexible for perfect styling


Directions for use:

Apply to a damp scalp. Massage into hair, making sure product covers all hair and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. We recommend using the product in combination with Curllover Conditioner and Curllover Eco-Mousse.

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