Selective 531 Colour-Reviving Mask Shampoo - 275 ml

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Coloring shampoo mask. Created to respond to the needs of women who lives in a hurry, Selective Professional Research Laboratories have designed a single product to save time and shake up beauty routines.
531 an easy, quick and high-performing all 360 degrees treatment that does everything in just 5 minutes.
531 offers the results of a delightful professional service, by enhancing the beauty of your hair.
Available in a selection of 6 progressive shades.

A quick, efficient and intuitive service to be performed quickly and easily in the salon or at home.

  • IT CLEANSES delicate surface-active agents combine provides a pleasant wellness sensation.
  • IT COLORS balanced pigments act gradually on the hair, enhancing dull reflections and guaranteeing gloss.
  • IT CONDITIONS strengthens and protects the hair.

1 PRODUCT The 531 color shampoo mask, with its creamy, enveloping texture, provides color and protection for up to 4 washes.

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