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Selective Colorevo Hair Color 1/2 - 100 ml

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Discover ColorEvo professional hair color by Selective. Colorevo guarantees extraordinary color, healthy hair and sensational results thanks to the advanced ceramide technology of CERAFLUX PLUS and the COLOR DIFFUSION SYSTEM.

Colorevo offers a highly personalized and customizable color concept with over 202 shades at your service.

Offer the best of color to your customers with 100% white hair coverage and a very pleasant fragrance for both you and your customers:

  • Ceraflux Plus Technology: provides sensational, protected, healthy hair thanks to precious ingredients that act at every stage of the coloring process.

The result: perfect color and healthy hair.

  • Color Diffusion System Technology: achieves brilliant, long-lasting color with a balanced coloring system enriched with protective agents.

The result: aggressive cleansing and the effects of the sun's rays do not affect hair color, which remains visibly bright and intense.


Active ingredients :

CERAFLUX PLUS: a bioidentical lipid blend that contains three different types of ceramides, which perfectly mimic the lipids naturally present in the hair, repairing, spinning and protecting against external aggressions, for maximum shine.


How to use:

COLOREVO is designed to act in synergy with COLOREVO OXY 10-20-30 Vol (3%, 6%, 9%). The mixing ratio is 1+1 [e.g. 100 ml COLOREVO + 100 ml COLOREVO OXY].

When mixing with COLOREVO MIX, add the appropriate amount according to the shades chosen: for lighter shades, add a smaller amount of COLOREVO MIX.

For shades like 9-10, it is recommended to add 5% to the total cream. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.

Resting time: 30 minutes.

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