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Selective REVERSO Peroxides - 1000 ml

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Discover Reverso Oxy peroxides specifically formulated to ensure the best results in synergy with Reverso Hair Color.

REVERSO OXY is an oxidizing emulsion enriched with an exclusive blend of fresh superfood extracts like Reverso Hair Color.

Using Reverso Oxy peroxides and Reverso Hair Color together provides exceptional blend adhesion, full coverage of white hair, maximum shine and long lasting color.

Floral fragrance, in line with the Reverso fragrance. Available in 4 variants: 10, 20, 30, 40 volumes.


Active ingredients:

SUPERFOOD BLEND: an exclusive blend of fresh cold-pressed superfood extracts, extremely rich in nutrients, designed to intensify the cosmetic benefits of the coloring treatment and deeply nourish the hair.


Directions for use:

REVERSO HAIR COLOR shades are to be used in a mixture with REVERSO OXY 10-20-30-40 vol. Mixing ratio : 1:1 1:2 with superblond

Resting time : 30 min 45 min with REVERSO superblond Instructions for use : VOL. % operation 10 3 tone on tone - darker color - bleaching 0-1 shade 20 6 white hair coverage - darker color - bleaching 1-2 shades 30 9 white hair coverage - bleaching 2-3 shades 40 12 4 tone bleaching with REVERSO superblond

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